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Should You Stick to Traditional Water Heaters?

July 21, 2021
Should You Stick to Traditional Water Heaters?

If you’re frustrated with your traditional water heater’s inability to meet your hot water needs, the team at Plumbing Professionals is here to help. As your expert in water heater repair in Mountain Brook, AL, we believe that tankless water heaters are more beneficial than their conventional counterparts. Here are some reasons you should ditch…

Top Culprits Behind Gurgling Drains

July 14, 2021
Top Culprits Behind Gurgling Drains

It’s generally recommended that you call a plumber in Hoover, AL from Plumbing Professionals any time there’s something unusual going on with your drains. If you happen to hear gurgling sounds as you use any of your drains, take a moment to learn more about the top culprits behind this strange noise below. Accumulated Gunk…

Plumbing Mistakes You Should Never Make

July 5, 2021
Plumbing Mistakes You Should Never Make

Any plumbing system will experience issues from time to time. It is only a matter of time before it clogs, leaks, or needs repairs. While it may seem like a good idea to try to fix some of these problems yourself, you will save time and money by working with a plumber in Birmingham, AL…

How to Improve Your Water Heater’s Efficiency

June 28, 2021
water heater repair in Birmingham, AL

If you’re looking to save money on your bills, there are plenty of ways you can do so. A good place to start is your water heater. Water heaters account for about 12% of your utility costs, but you can reduce these costs by using your units more efficiently. Plumbing Professionals, your go-to expert for…

Why Drain Cleaning and Maintenance is Ideal in Summer

June 16, 2021
drain cleaning in Mountain Brook, AL

Most people don’t associate summer with drain cleaning and maintenance, but it turns out it’s the perfect season to do them. Not only do these tasks prevent a terribly clogged drain, but they also prevent issues that could impair your sewer system. Here are a few more reasons you should focus on your drains this…



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