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At Plumbing Professionals, we are the trusted plumber in Mountain Brook, AL, and the surrounding communities with years of experience and a variety of skills under our belt.


Drain problems can seem nothing more than a minor annoyance, such as a slow-draining sink, or something that just smells a little funny. However, when this occurs it can signal a larger issue somewhere deep in your system. If your Mountain Brook drains need cleaning, we’re here to help with the following services:

Drain Snaking: drain snaking is best used when you’re dealing with a smaller clog of organic matter that’s build up over time. It works by having a member of our full-service plumbing company in Mountain Brook, AL, insert a snake into an access point and use the snake to either break up the clog or pull it out of your system.

Tree Root Removal: as tree roots are attracted to water, a leak in your system can cause them to invade. To remove tree roots, we’ll either recommend removing the tree altogether or dig near the source of the leak to reroute the roots or cut them back.


As water heaters have a lifespan of 10 years, you often don’t think about maintenance or plumbing repairs in Mountain Brook, AL, until you really need it. If you’re hearing strange noises or your system is leaking, it’s time for a repair. Our team in Homewood has experience maintaining and repairing both traditional water heaters and tankless. In addition to repair services, we offer regular maintenance and inspection to prevent any issues from happening down the line.


As your sewer is often out of sight and out of mind, it’s easy to let issues go unnoticed unless you get regular maintenance and inspection. Our team in Mountain Brook offers the following services to help you with your sewer:

Sewer Camera Inspection: Using state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to navigate a small, waterproof, high-definition camera through your system for inspection to identify any issues. The camera records footage for us to review and make a proper diagnosis of the work your system needs.

Cleaning: we offer cleaning services for clogs and blockages in your system. We’ll use methods similar to the drain cleaning methods listed above.

Repair and Replacement: our repair and replacement services are done by excavation and can be done with little disruption to your life, at a schedule that works around yours. Call our team in Mountain Brook for more information.


Whether you’re renovating a home or moving into a new one, we’re here to help with installations and repairs. Our team in Mountain Brook specializes in the following:

Dishwashers: Our team of high-trained professionals is experts in installing dishwashers into your home. We have the knowledge to get the job done right the first time and provide you peace of mind knowing your new dishwasher won’t cause any trouble.

Fixture Repair: A leaky faucet or sink might seem like a minor issue, but in reality, can cause expensive water bills and damage to your system unless proper attention is given. If your faucet or sink has worn out washers, poor seals, or corroded seals, we’re here to help with replacement and repair as well as emergency plumbing in Mountain Brook, AL.

Garbage Disposals: We offer garbage disposal repair services and installations and are here to solve your garbage disposal issues with everything from a clogged drain to a broken motor. When your disposal starts making funny noises or won’t run at all, it’s time to call a professional.


In addition to the services mentioned, our full-service plumbing company provides water line repair as well as support on water softeners and water filtration, and gas line repair services for your home. If you need help, we’re here to provide it with excellent customer service and quality work that doesn’t break the bank. To learn more about our wide range of services, contact our team of experts at Plumbing Professionals anytime to get started.


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