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Plumbing Professionals is the leading plumber in Homewood, AL, and the surrounding communities for years and understand your home and its needs.


When it comes to drain cleaning, it’s tempting to try a do-it-yourself method to save money and time, but these often don’t provide lasting solutions and can even cause more damage down the line. To solve your clog or blockage, we’re here to help with all your drain cleaning needs. Drain snaking is done when by a member of our team inserting a snake through your clogged drain and pushing it through your system until the clog is reached. Next, we’ll rotate the snake, entangling the clog or blockage. This will either break up the clog, or allow us to pull it out, clearing your pipe of debris. One of the most common drain problems occurs from tree roots invading your Homewood, AL pipes. As tree roots are attracted to water, a leak in your system can cause them to invade, eventually cracking and collapsing your pipes if left unattended for too long. Our full-service plumbing company can help repair and replace your system, as well as remove the tree roots to protect your pipes for years to come.


Water heaters properly heat water as it is dispersed throughout your home or business pipe system. There are many types of water heaters that come in various sizes to meet the needs of your Homewood, AL property. When it comes to repairing and installing water heater units, our team in Homewood, AL is familiar with working with tankless water heaters and traditional. We can help solve leaks and strange noises, regular maintenance and inspection, as well as clear any build up that happens over time.

Should the damage prove to be too significant, we can provide water heater replacement in Mountain Brook, AL, as well. We offer quality options and ensure proper installation.


Our sewer line services include cleaning, repair, and replacement, done using a similar method as our drain cleaning up above. Our team in Homewood offers the following services:

Sewer Camera Inspection: To determine the source of issues or potential problems in your system, we’ll inspect it with a high-definition camera. Our team will navigate this camera through your system, recording footage for us to review and make a proper diagnosis of the work your system needs.

Repair and Replacement: As sewer lines are typically in the backyard of your home, they’re not easily accessible. To reach them, our team will perform excavation for sewer line repair or replacement. Call our team in Homewood for more information.


Home ownership can be a full-time job. Whether you’re upgrading or repairing your fixtures or appliances, our team in Homewood is here to help with all of your general plumbing needs. Our team is familiar with installing dishwashers and ensuring everything is connected properly and sealed to prevent leaks. Our efficiency and quality of work will provide you peace of mind knowing your new dishwasher won’t cause any trouble. A dripping faucet may only look like a minor annoyance but can indicate something is wrong and needs attention. A few drips can add up over time to be thousands of dollars in bills and wasted water. If your faucet or sink has worn out washers, poor seals, or corroded seals, we’re here to help. As a kitchen necessity, we’re here to help you get your garbage disposal back up and running when it needs attention. Our team in Homewood specializes in everything from a clogged drain to a broken motor and is ready to assist.


In addition to the services mentioned, our team in Homewood is also trained to provide water line repair, gas line repair, water filtration, and softeners. To learn more about our wide range of services, contact our team of experts at Plumbing Professionals anytime to get started.

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