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How Tankless Water Heaters Work

Anatomy of Tankless Water Heaters

Many homeowners are now switching to tankless water heaters. Unlike traditional units that store gallons of water in a tank and have to keep them hot at all times, tankless systems heat your water only when you need it. Water heater repair in Mountain Brook, AL, is also easier as tankless units have parts you…

Unintentionally Damaging Your Drains

Are You Unintentionally Damaging Your Drains?

Many homeowners have experienced a clogged drain at some point. The effects can be harmful to your home, which is why it’s important to handle it with care. While you may be taking preventive measures for your drains, you need to make sure that you’re doing it right. Plumbing Professionals lists some of the ways…

Check on Your Plumbing This Fall

What to Check on Your Plumbing This Fall

With autumn’s falling leaves and dropping temperatures, you may be already preparing your home for the colder months ahead. As you go through your maintenance to-do list, don’t forget to tick off your plumbing system. It’s more susceptible to issues this season, so it’s important to assess its condition to spare yourself from expensive plumbing…

Leaking Water Heaters are Dangerous

Why Leaking Water Heaters are Dangerous

Water heaters are probably the most underappreciated appliance in a home. After water heater installation, most homeowners forget about them until something goes wrong. However, this shouldn’t be the case. To make the most of your unit, it’s best to partner with Plumbing Professionals for routine maintenance. Regular water heater services can prevent severe damage.…

Unpleasant Odors from Your Drains

What Causes Unpleasant Odors from Your Drains?

Drains play an essential role in your plumbing system by driving out wastewater away from your property. For this reason, it may seem normal for foul odors to emanate every once in a while. If the issue persists, however, your drains might be telling you something that you should not shrug off. Read on as…

Upgrade Your Plumbing Fixtures

Reasons to Upgrade Your Plumbing Fixtures

Replacing your old plumbing fixtures with new ones can provide many benefits. Some homeowners prefer to update their bathroom fixtures for style and aesthetic purposes. Others update their kitchen fixtures for practicality and usage. Regardless, you can count on your trusted plumber in Mountain Brook, AL from Plumbing Professionals to help find the best fixture…

Traditional Water Heaters

Should You Stick to Traditional Water Heaters?

If you’re frustrated with your traditional water heater’s inability to meet your hot water needs, the team at Plumbing Professionals is here to help. As your expert in water heater repair in Mountain Brook, AL, we believe that tankless water heaters are more beneficial than their conventional counterparts. Here are some reasons you should ditch…

Top Culprits Behind Gurgling Drains

Top Culprits Behind Gurgling Drains

It’s generally recommended that you call a plumber in Hoover, AL from Plumbing Professionals any time there’s something unusual going on with your drains. If you happen to hear gurgling sounds as you use any of your drains, take a moment to learn more about the top culprits behind this strange noise below. Accumulated Gunk…

Plumbing Mistakes You Should Never Make

Plumbing Mistakes You Should Never Make

Any plumbing system will experience issues from time to time. It is only a matter of time before it clogs, leaks, or needs repairs. While it may seem like a good idea to try to fix some of these problems yourself, you will save time and money by working with a plumber in Birmingham, AL…

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Ryan MoonRyan Moon
21:08 23 Sep 22
Quick and easy, I called after lunch and got service the same day. Josh and Co were very professional, easy to deal with, and up front about costs. Great crew to hire and get things done with.
Rachel NicholsRachel Nichols
19:10 24 Mar 22
Grady was our tech this go around. He did wonderful work. He was professional, kind and completed everything in such a timely manner. Chris the scheduler is great too. We have used this company for several years now and we recommend them to everyone.
Rich GereRich Gere
17:14 23 Mar 22
This is the second time we have used Mr. Drippy, the first was an emergency and they were out and had the (major) issue fixed and cleaned up in less than two hours from the time of the frantic phone call. Today Grady and JD came out assess and make repairs on a water pressure problem. They were on time, professional, easy going and informative (we talked a lot about gardening). They called the home office and we had several quotes and explanations of what was needed and where we could save money. We were offered discounts on additional services since they we already here but we never felt like we were being pressured to spend more than was needed to address the purpose of the call. JD and Grady were in and out quickly, the job is top notch, best materials and processes. I don't want to have to...but if we need to call again it will be the professionals at Mr. Drippy. Thanks Chris, Jose, JD and Grady!
David BurrowesDavid Burrowes
18:52 15 Jan 22
Laura was wonderful, warm and professional. She got us on the schedule right away to fix our water heater, even though their schedule was full.Caleb came out and got the problem fixed quickly and professionally. He kept me informed about everything he was doing, and he did run into another problem while fixing it, so he had to go get another part.It was a great experience, and I would highly recommend Mr. Drippy to anyone who needs plumbing services.
Debra RodzinakDebra Rodzinak
16:04 19 Jul 19
Ron was great! I felt confident in his knowledge, pleased with his skills, and exceedingly satisfied with the job. He knows his plumbing and completed the work in a very short amount of time. Definitely will be calling him back to complete the plumbing in my other bathroom. Thanks Ron!