Top Plumbing Services from Your Trusted Plumber in Birmingham, AL

When dealing with any plumbing problem, such as backups, overflows, and leaks, make sure that you rely on a top residential and commercial plumber in Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding areas. Getting in touch with Plumbing Professionals means having a company that believes in honesty and integrity when it comes to taking care of repairs and doing things efficiently. Our affordable pricing and effective approach in handling any plumbing issue are part of our commitment to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients in every project.

A Range of Plumbing Services

There are many plumbing issues that we can handle. Regardless of the types of services you need, a professional is needed when the plunger doesn’t work. Our range of residential and commercial plumbing services include:

  • Faucets and Sinks Services
  • Toilet Services
  • Dishwashers
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Gas Line Services

When it comes to our faucets and sink services, we specialize in both installations and repairs. If the faucets are leaking because they are worn out, then we will recommend replacing them. Our full-service plumbing company has a selection of nice fixtures that customers will love.

Toilets have a tendency to overflow when backed up. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a child's toy caught in the pipe. We can pull it up to fix it. If that’s not an option, we can install a new toilet.

Dishwasher lines can get blocked from time to time, and stagnant water can in them. This will cause flooding in the kitchen. We can repair the dishwasher lines as other issues or install a new one if it’s needed.

We are licensed to handle gas line repairs. This is not a task you should try on your own. It can be dangerous because gas is combustible. The process requires shutting off the gas service, taking the pipe, and cleaning it out before making any repairs. If it can’t be repaired, then a replacement may be in order.

When a new home is being built, it’s our company that you can rely on to provide the necessary plumbing repairs that are used to get the right accessories to make that house a home. From the faucets to the tubs, everything is sure to pass all code inspections.

Saving money on bottled water really helps if there is a water filtration in the home to catch all of the sediments. We are a full-service plumbing company that believes that everyone deserves clean drinkable water. Water line repairs are a specialty of ours. In case of a burst pipe, we offer emergency plumbing services. Just call us and a tech will be out to the home quickly. A water line replacement is part of our skillset as well.

Tree roots can get caught into the piping and tear them up. We are the plumbers in Birmingham, AL, and nearby areas that will come to rescue and fix the root damaged. In this case, a pipe replacement may be in order.

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Our expertise when it comes to plumbing will yield quality results. We offer free estimates for all our customers, and we can respond at any time when you have an emergency. Call us at (205) 683-4436 or fill out the online contact form today to schedule an appointment with Plumbing Professionals.

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