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Water Line Repair in Birmingham, AL, and Nearby Areas

Keeping the water lines that supply your Hoover area home clean and functional is important. That’s why our local team at Plumbing Professionals offers effective and cost-efficient water line services. If your residential water lines need professional help, turn to our team of trusted industry experts. We serve the following locations:

Water Line Cleaning

As your leading plumber in Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding areas, we can keep your water lines clean with our professional-grade plumbing snake. Our full-service plumbing company can carefully insert the plumbing snake into your water lines to dislodge any clogs, invading tree roots, or other blockages. Once your water lines are thoroughly cleaned out, we can assess the condition of your water lines and offer any necessary repair or replacement solutions.

Keeping your water lines professionally cleaned out can help you avoid costly repairs and replacements down the road. We do understand the urge to use home remedies to attempt water line cleaning, but we’ve been in business long enough to see the potential hazards of improperly used DIY methods. For example, at-home drain snakes that are inserted into your water lines with the wrong amount of pressure can puncture your water lines and cause extensive damage. Or drugstore cleaning chemicals that are used in the wrong amounts or are combined incorrectly can corrode your water lines. So for quality, reliable, professional water line cleaning, avoid home remedies and call our expert team.

Water Line Repair

Discolored water, low water pressure, and wet spots in your yard are some of the common signs of Alabama water line damage. If you suspect water line damage, our talented and extensively trained technicians can visit your home to diagnose and repair the problem. We can use our quick and convenient camera inspection services to easily pinpoint the exact location of damage within your water lines. By sending our high-resolution camera into your water lines through a small access hole, we can watch live footage and determine where any clogs, cracks, invading tree roots, corrosion, or other blockages are. We can also use the footage to determine the age and condition of your water lines, which can help us determine the most effective repair solution for your particular needs.

Water Line Replacement

If our camera inspection determines that your Hoover or Birmingham Alabama water lines are old, extremely damaged, or have outlived their useful life, the most economical solution may be water line replacement. Our qualified technicians can strategically excavate your yard to gain access to your deteriorating water lines and professionally replace those water lines with durable new water lines that can serve your home for many years to come. Then, when we’re done with the replacement services, we can fill in your dirt and clean up your property to the very best of our abilities.

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Plumbing Professionals offer a wide range of water line cleaning, repair, and replacement services. We also provide full-service plumbing solutions for your residential plumbing system. To learn more about any of our innovative and effective services, give our friendly local team a call or contact us through our online form. We are your local industry experts, and we’re committed to providing our communities with premier plumbing products and services.

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