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Who We Are

Plumbing Professionals is Hoover, Alabama’s residential plumbing solutions expert. Our talented team is proud to provide our local communities with exceptional customer service, effective plumbing repair and replacement solutions, and reliable results to a wide range of residential plumbing projects. If your Alabama home is in need of high-quality plumbing services, turn to your trusted team at Plumbing Professionals.

What Makes Us Different

It’s not hard to find somebody to come tinker with your clogged drains or leaky faucets, but it is difficult to find plumbing professionals who guarantee the quality of their work. Don’t rely on just anybody for your plumbing needs. Turn to our local expert team at Plumbing Professionals, where we guarantee our work and our products. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the job we’ve done, we’ll work hard to make it right.

Our years of industry experience, fair and transparent pricing and commitment to serving Birmingham and the surrounding metro area with premier residential plumbing services help us stand above the rest. So when you need plumbing solutions for your Alabama home, rely on our trusted plumber in Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding areas.


We offer a wide range of full-service residential plumbing solutions, including:

  • Sewer Camera InspectionsOur skilled technicians can use a state-of-the-art sewer camera to non-invasively diagnose damage inside your residential sewer lines. Without having to excavate your yard to gain access to your pipes, our high-resolution sewer camera can be inserted into your pipes through a small hole. As the camera carefully snakes through your underground pipes, our technicians at ground level can watch real-time footage on a monitor. That footage can help our knowledgeable technicians determine the age and overall condition of your sewer pipes, the materials those pipes are made out of, and the exact locations of any cracks, clogs, corrosion, invading tree roots, blockages, or other deterioration. Our sewer camera inspections can help us customize the most effective repair or replacement solutions for your specific residential plumbing needs.
  • Drain CleaningOur talented team offers drain cleaning services to remove clogs, invading tree roots, and other obstructions from your residential drains and pipes. Drain cleaning is an effective preventative maintenance tool, and when our professional drain cleaning services are used routinely, we can eliminate small issues before they turn into major, time-consuming, costly problems down the road. When we visit your Alabama home to clean your drains and pipes, we can use our professional-grade plumbing snake to quickly and easily dislodge and remove unwanted materials from your pipes.
  • Water Heater Installation, Repair, and MaintenanceWe are qualified to install, repair, and maintain a wide range of traditional and tankless water heaters. Our skilled technicians can safely remove your old water heater, help you select and install the right size and type of water heater for your home, and provide a routine maintenance plan to extend your water heater’s useful life.
  • Water Line Repairs. If the water line that brings clean water into your home is damaged, we offer dependable water line repair services. So if you are experiencing discolored water, low water pressure, or consistently wet areas in your yard, our expert team can diagnose where that damage is and offer an effective water line repair solution to restore the quality and dependability of your water supply.
  • Sewer Line Cleaning, Repairs, and ReplacementsWe offer reliable residential sewer line cleaning, repair, and replacement services. We can carefully dig strategically located trenches to access your damaged sewer lines, provide durable repair or replacement solutions, and clean up your property to the best of our abilities when the project is complete. Our sewer line cleaning, repair, and replacement services can efficiently bring structural integrity back to your sewer system and help restore its flow capacity.
  • Gas Leak Detection and RepairsOur expert gas line services can help maintain the efficiency of your gas system. If your residential Alabama gas lines are aging or deteriorating, we can thoroughly inspect them to pinpoint any leaks or problems. Then, we can safely and affordably rehabilitate your gas lines back to full functionality.
  • Water Softener and Filtration Installation and RepairWe can install and repair your home’s water softener and filtration system. Keeping impurities and contamination out of your water supply matters to us, and our quality services can help prevent corrosion, mineral buildup, and other damage associated with hard and unfiltered water.
  • Home Improvements. Our industry-expert technicians can visit your Hoover area home to provide quality home improvement services. Whether your faucets and sinks need to be repaired, your garbage disposal needs to be fixed, your new dishwasher needs to be correctly installed, or you have some other home improvement project, we have the right combination of tools, techniques, and talent to get the job done right the first time around.

Service Areas

Plumbing Professionals is based out of Birmingham, but we offer our industry-leading residential plumbing services to many other local communities. Other north-central Alabama communities we service include:

  • Irondale, AL
  • Vestavia Hills, AL
  • Helena, AL
  • Pelham, AL
  • Chelsea, AL
  • Trussville, AL
  • Leeds, AL
  • Fultondale, AL
  • Gardendale, AL

If you’re uncertain if your home is located within our service area, go ahead and give us a call and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members. Serving the Birmingham area with effective and efficient plumbing solutions is important to us, so reach out and learn more today.


Plumbing Professionals is Hoover and Birmingham, Alabama’s locally owned and operated full-service residential plumbing company. We value honesty, integrity, and professionalism in each and every project we take on, so when you partner with us for your residential plumbing repair and replacement services, you can trust that we’ll complete the job up to the highest industry standards. Our skilled team members rely on best practices, durable equipment, and reliable plumbing techniques to provide outstanding results. To get a quote or to learn more about Plumbing Professionals and our residential plumbing services, give our friendly team a call or reach out through our online contact form. We look forward to bringing your project the very best products and services we have to offer.

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