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When you have a clogged drain in Hoover, AL, it’s important to call on an expert like Plumbing Professionals right away to deal with the blockage. As professional drain cleaners, we use a variety of methods to locate, diagnose and get rid of the clog. These options are all safe and effective at cleaning out even the most stubborn clogs.

Motorized Drain Snakes

Professionals often use drain snakes or augers to perform drain cleaning services in Hoover, AL. These tools are made of wire and work much like very long corkscrews. Our trained technician inserts them into the drain and allows the motorized mechanism to go chop away at the clog, allowing water to flow freely through your pipes. These tools are good for handling particularly stubborn clogs that have gotten deep into your pipes when it’s impossible to do it by hand on your own. 

While homeowners can purchase drain snakes and try removing the clog themselves, it’s best to let a professional plumber in Hoover, AL handle the situation. As trained specialists, we know how to remove the clog in a way that won’t damage your pipe’s interior.

Hydro Jetting

When drain snaking in Hoover, AL is not enough to tackle the job, we would recommend hydro jetting as an excellent alternative. Our plumber uses a hydro jetter, a motorized tool that emits a high dosage of hot water pressure from a hose and out of a small nozzle. The hose goes into the drain and the hot water is released to break up all the debris that makes up the clogging in the pipe. It is a very thorough job that can permanently clean your pipes of any debris or tree root blockage.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection

If the clog causing the drainage problems is particularly deep and its location is uncertain, a video camera pipe inspection can be done. Our technician uses a miniature camera and an LED light to detect the specific spot with the problem. Once we can see where the clog is located, we can determine the best method to use for drain cleaning in Hoover, AL.

When in need of a reliable drain cleaning company in Hoover, AL to tackle a clogged drain, contact Plumbing Professionals at your earliest convenience.

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