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The anode rod is a crucial component in your plumbing system since it helps protect your water heater’s interior from corrosion and rust. Without this component, the steel tank of your traditional water heater will wear down quickly before reaching its expected lifetime. And since anode rods have a short-term lifespan, you need to employ a plumber in Hoover, AL to regularly inspect and replace them.

How Anode Rods Work

Anode rods shield the water heater’s tank from corrosion, helping you avoid the need for premature replacement. The cathode and anode rods create galvanic corrosion because of water’s corrosive nature. And since the cathode has less active electrochemical potential than the anode, the electric current in the tank drifts from the anode to the steel tank. This forces the anode to corrode instead of the steel tank, which can help avoid the need for water heater repair in Hoover, AL.

Why Water Heaters Corrode

A traditional water heater will corrode because of the composition of water. Corrosion and rust can result from water being acidic or exposing the tank to moisture and oxygen. If you suspect that your water heater tank has rust, it’s best to contact your local plumber for a replacement. We recommend investing in a tankless water heater to avoid this problem in the future.

When to Check Your Anode Rods

An anode’s lifetime can vary, depending on factors such as water softness or hardness, or acidity. Nevertheless, you should always contact a plumber specializing in water heater replacement and repair to conduct maintenance services at least once a year. During the maintenance service, the plumber will help identify your water heater problems and even change the anode if consumed.

Anode rods are essential for the efficient operation of your home’s water heater. Failure to invest in regular water heater services can create serious problems that result in premature replacement.

If you need reliable water heater repair and replacement services, contact Plumbing Professionals today to book an appointment. We have professional and licensed specialists who can help you with quality water heater installation.

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