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If you want to lower your utility bills and have access to a steady supply of hot water, then a tankless water heater from Plumbing Professionals is your best option. Although a tankless water heater in Birmingham, AL solves many of the problems of a conventional water heater, these devices can still have a few unique problems that you should be aware of.

Blocked Exhaust

Due to their design, tankless water heaters make use of a smaller exhaust pipe compared with conventional water heaters. However, this makes tankless water heaters more prone to a blocked exhaust pipe. As part of normal water heater services in Birmingham, AL, it’s important to have the technician check the exhaust pipe to ensure it’s clean.

Mineral Build-up

Even if you have soft water in your area, there are still mineral deposits that can build up in your water heater over time. In a tankless water heater, this could lead to a shutdown of the system that would require water heater repair in Birmingham, AL. Installing a water softener in-line with your tankless water heater can help prevent this problem.

Too Much Demand

Although a tankless water heater is designed to provide an exceptional amount of hot water, there are still times when the demand will overwhelm its capacity. If your tankless water heater is older, you can schedule a water heater replacement in Birmingham, AL so that we can provide you with a unit that can meet your family’s needs.

Heater Not Heating

If you notice that your tankless water heater isn’t heating water properly, it could be due to a few issues. This problem could be due to an overload, which causes the system to shut off, or it could be due to a tripped breaker if you have an electric heater. Your best bet is to call a plumber in Birmingham, AL like Plumbing Professionals to take a look at your unit to ensure there’s no permanent damage.

For quality water heater repair and water heater installation in Birmingham, AL, feel free to visit us at our website or get in touch with our team today.

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