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Having a garbage disposal in your home can come in handy in keeping your kitchen sanitary. If it runs into problems, you can have a plumber in Birmingham, AL, from Plumbing Professionals come to your home and make repairs. You can keep your unit in great shape by knowing about the do’s and don’ts of using it.

Do Use Cold Water

You might think that using warm or hot water is best when using your garbage disposal, but the opposite is true. Run the cold water while using it. It can help food particles to break down faster and prevent potential clogs if anything oily or greasy sneaks down. Running hot water instead can lead to a bad clog, and you might need extensive plumbing repairs.

Do Your Disposal Regularly

If you use your garbage disposal regularly, it will work at optimal performance. On the flip side, using it only on occasion might mean that you need plumbing services more often. When you don’t use your garbage disposal often, it can lead to corrosion and mechanical problems.

Don’t Use It as a Trash Can

Although the garbage disposal is meant to break down food waste, don’t use it as a trash can. Things that aren’t edible or that are porous and fibrous should always automatically go into the trash bin instead of your disposal.

Don’t Turn Off the Motor Prematurely

Turning off the garbage disposal’s motor before you’ve finished grinding down food scraps is a big no. It can cause the disposal to break down, which might require emergency plumbing services to fix it.

Plumbing Professionals is a local plumbing company that can help you make the most of your garbage disposal. We’re more than happy to share maintenance tips as well as carry out repairs to keep your disposal in the best condition possible. Get in touch with our team today to schedule an appointment.

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