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Bathroom clogs are very common in the home. It’s a frustrating issue that may require a plumber in Mountain Brook, AL from Plumbing Professionals to resolve. While we can help you get rid of the blockage, it’s important to be able to identify the chief causes of clogged bathroom drains.


Hair is the number one culprit of clogged bathroom drains. Whether you are brushing your hair over the sink or shampooing while taking a shower, it’s very common for hair to make its way down the drain. Over time, this can build up and create a blockage, causing your pipe to get backed up. To get rid of the clog, you’ll need to contact your local plumber for professional drain snaking. You can avoid too much hair getting into your shower or tub drains by brushing your hair before bathing.

Wrong Things Being Flushed

When it comes to your toilet, there are many possible causes of a clog. You may be putting in too much toilet paper. However, you may require professional drain cleaning in Mountain Brook, AL if you flush the wrong things down. Baby and makeup wipes, cat litter, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls and swabs, dental floss and even facial tissues should be thrown in the garbage instead of flushed down your toilet. In some cases, an object may go unnoticed from above and fall in and accidentally get flushed.

Soap Scum

If you have hard water, soap scum is a huge culprit of bathroom clogs. When the residue from soap gets into contact with the minerals from hard water, it ends up becoming filmy, chalky and downright ugly. It sticks to the insides of your pipes and builds up from there, causing a clogged drain. Once things get really bad, you will need a professional to make repairs.

Tree Roots

It may seem surprising, but even tree roots can cause clogs to occur in your bathroom drains. This happens when your sewer line is too close to a tree that seeks water. Roots begin to invade the pipes in the sewer line and cause backups. Our professional drain cleaning services can help you get rid of stubborn tree roots in your pipes.

If you live in Alabama and need a reputable drain cleaning company to work at your home, contact Plumbing Professionals at your earliest convenience.

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