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If you’re wondering whether you should hire a plumbing company in Hoover, AL, to provide professional sewer camera inspections at your home or commercial property, it’s critical to understand the many positive aspects of camera inspections so that you can make an informed decision. Sewer camera inspections take advantage of technology that has only become available in recent years and are now among the most important tools employed by plumbers to diagnose plumbing problems that might otherwise require excavation to fully evaluate.

When dealing with a sewer line issue, reach out to Plumbing Professionals right away. We offer reliable plumbing repairs in Hoover, AL.

Using Camera Inspections to Determine the Need for Plumbing Repairs

During a sewer camera inspection, our licensed plumber in Hoover, AL, inserts a small camera into a line through an existing valve or opening. The camera is connected to a cable made of a material that’s flexible enough for passing around corners and obstructions and sufficiently sturdy to push the camera through the pipe. The camera transmits images of the pipe’s interior back to a control screen that displays visual images as well as the distance along the pipe that the camera has traveled. This provides valuable information to our plumbers regarding the exact location and type of problem that’s occurring in the sewer line.

Camera Inspections as Part of Overall Plumbing Services

Using the data from the camera inspection process allows the Plumbing Professionals team skilled in providing routine and emergency plumbing in Hoover, AL, to address a single area of concern within a pipe instead of digging up and replacing a whole sewer line. This means that hydro jetting or snaking can be delivered to the exact problem area to effectively eliminate tree roots or remove other obstructions. A camera inspection may also identify specific sections of broken or damaged pipes that can be repaired using a trenchless pipe relining technique.

For all kinds of plumbing services in Hoover, AL, reach out to Plumbing Professionals. We specialize in sewer camera inspections and other solutions. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment. 

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