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Many homeowners are now switching to tankless water heaters. Unlike traditional units that store gallons of water in a tank and have to keep them hot at all times, tankless systems heat your water only when you need it. Water heater repair in Mountain Brook, AL, is also easier as tankless units have parts you can easily replace once they fail.

While their functionality seems straightforward, they have several components working together to meet your hot water needs. Read on as Plumbing Professionals, your trusted source of water heater services takes a closer look at the basic parts of tankless water heaters.

Heat Exchanger

Made of copper tube or stainless steel, the heat exchanger transfers heat to the water coming into the unit. The heat usually comes from the gas burner below the exchanger. If your tankless water heater uses a copper heat exchanger, the copper tube is paired with the copper fines to amplify heat transfer.

Control Panel

The control panel is the heart of the water heater. It shows the temperatures and error codes on the LCD screen and has a memory chip to store the code. This makes maintenance and troubleshooting easier for your local plumber in Mountain Brook, AL.


The sensors act as safety and control elements to ensure optimal performance and protection of your tankless system. This includes:

  • Water Flow Sensor — This triggers the system to heat the water when it’s needed. It also measures water flow, ensuring that the exchanger can get enough water to function properly.
  • Overheat Sensor — This shuts the unit down in case of overheating, allowing it to cool down before resuming operation. It’s a crucial part of water heater installation because it protects you from burn injuries and your unit from damage.
  • Pressure Relief Valve — This protects the unit from excessive water pressure.

There’s no doubt that tankless water heaters are more efficient than their traditional counterparts, which is why we typically recommend that clients make the switch. Its upfront cost may be a bit higher, but its durability, energy savings, and other benefits will recoup your expenses for water heater replacement.

For all your water heater needs, look no further than Plumbing Professionals. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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