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Slow drains should be a reason to call a competent plumber in Mountain Brook, AL from Plumbing Professionals. Even if water is still getting through, slow drainage can eventually turn into a full-blown clog. As for what could be causing this problem, we go over some of the common reasons below.

Mineral Accumulation

Minerals in your household water can accumulate in your drain pipes over time. Referred to as pipe scale, this buildup can leave you with a clogged drain. Fortunately, it is something Plumbing Professionals can remove with powerful and safe drain cleaning methods.

Household ‘Gunk’

A common reason for slow drains is due to accumulated household “gunk”. This includes hair and soap scum in bathroom drains and food scraps in kitchen drains. A simple way to avoid this is to use strainers to keep foreign objects from going down the drain. If there’s already an existing blockage in your drain lines, however, seek the help of a professional to perform a thorough drain snaking.

Tree Roots

The tiniest of cracks can provide enough room for tree roots to get into your sewer lines. Once inside your pipes, these roots will grow over time and restrict flow enough to slow down your drains and cause other problems throughout the system. This situation calls for expert sewer repair and drain cleaning in Mountain Brook, AL.

You can count on Plumbing Professionals to address tree root infiltration efficiently. Apart from our drain cleaning services, we will also perform an in-depth inspection to assess your pipelines. We will then offer the best solutions to avoid recurring problems like slow drains in the long run.

Get Fast, Affordable Drain Service Today

Plumbing Professionals is the drain cleaning company to reach out to if you have slow-draining drains or other issues best taken care of sooner rather than later. We’ll check out your drain lines and connecting parts and recommend the most appropriate way to restore normal flow. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.

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