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When Drain Snaking No Longer Works

If you have a clogged drain, you probably don’t think that you need to call a plumber right away. Many people think that they can simply use over the counter drain cleaners to get rid of the clogs themselves. When that doesn’t work, some of them turn to drain snaking.

Reasons for Clogs

There are many reasons that your pipes and drains could get clogged. In bathrooms, hair washing often results in loose tufts of hair falling down the tub’s drain. If there isn’t a drain trap installed in the tub, the hair will clog the drain, necessitating the need for drain cleaning down the road. In kitchens, many people wash plates with food and grease still stuck on them directly in the sink. That food and grease gets washed down the drain and stuck inside the pipes, causing massive clogs.

Drain Snaking

This is frequently used to take care of these issues. The plumber would simply insert a snake into the drain, after which he would pull out the clog. A plumber is usually called to handle snaking since it can be difficult to manage if you’re not experienced. This is when you need to reach out for information about drain cleaning in Birmingham, AL. The following are some that drain cleaning services we do when snaking doesn’t work.

Motorized Drain Augers

One way that professional plumbers clean your drains is to use motorized drain augers. Motorized drain augers are basically drain snakes with motors attached to them. These are available at hardware stores, but they should be operated by professional plumbers. The auger has a long metal coil that you insert deep down into your drain until the obstruction is reached. Once the obstruction is reached, the motor is turned on so that the coil is rotated. The coil will continue to rotate until the obstruction and clog is removed. Make sure a skilled plumber handles a motorized drain auger. In the wrong hands, it could easily damage your pipes, resulting in the need for more extensive repairs.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is an extremely popular way to get rid of clogs in your drain. A hydro jetter is a tool featuring a hose that has a 360-degree nozzle at the end of it. Your plumber will take the nozzle and insert the hose deep down into your drain. When it’s firmly inside, the plumber will take the hose and blast a high-pressure jet of water into the drain. This process not only gets rid of clogs, but it also cleans your drain, allowing water to flow freely again. As with motorized drain augers, hydro jetting is a process that should only be left to professional plumbers to perform. Doing it yourself would make it too easy to damage your plumbing infrastructure.

Regular Drain Cleaning

One way that you can make sure that you have as few clogs as possible in the future is to use regular drain cleaning. By working with a plumbing company and scheduling regular drain cleaning, you’re preventing clogs from happening in the first place. Regular drain cleaning strips away stuck-on food, raw sewage, and hard water deposits that can accumulate over time.

Reach out to Plumbing Professionals to work with a drain cleaning company that can handle all of your drain cleaning needs.

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