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If your reason for reaching out to a plumber in Mountain Brook, AL is because of a suspected tree root invasion, you may be wondering what steps to take next. Plumbing Professionals shares some options you can consider.

See If Drain Snaking is the Right Solution

With some instances of a tree root invasion, drain snaking in Mountain Brook, AL can be an effective solution. A professional-grade plumbing snake is often able to dislodge roots and restore normal drain flow, especially if the pipe itself is largely unaffected structurally.

Have Larger, Invasive Trees Removed

A possible complement to drain cleaning services in Mountain Brook, AL is the removal of large, invasive, or problematic trees. Taking this additional step can reduce your risk of having future tree root issues. This is especially true if certain trees on your property have grown too large and expansive over the years.

Take Care of Any Necessary Sewer Repair

Aside from a simple clogged drain in Mountain Brook, AL, a tree root invasion can sometimes cause more damage.For instance, if the roots also affected your sewer line, you would have to get it fixed once the tree root has been removed. If the damage is limited to one area, this may involve fast, affordable no-dig trenchless methods.

We’re Here to Clean and Clear Your Drains

Plumbing Professionals is a trusted drain cleaning company in Mountain Brook, AL with the knowledge and expertise to restore optimal drain flow quickly and affordably. If you require our services for a suspected tree root issue, we’ll perform a sewer camera inspection to find out for sure what’s going on with your pipes.

Contact us today to discuss drain cleaning in Mountain Brook, AL. We also offer a range of other services including general plumbing and sewer line repairs.


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