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A drain auger, or plumber’s snake, is plumbing equipment for clearing a clogged drain in Mountain Brook, AL by finding and removing blockages and clogs. Where a plunger isn’t effective enough to clear a stubborn clog, a drain snake is a much more capable drain-clearing solution.

How Plumbing Snakes Work

Plumbing snakes are typically flexible and long metal cables used by drain cleaning services in Mountain Brook, AL with an auger on the end. They are operated by a handle on the other end. The auger is similar to a drill bit. The plumbing snake is typically 50 feet in length. When not in use, a plumbing snake coils up.

Plumbing snakes do their work by making direct contact with the clog or obstruction in the drain. The auger starts at the drain end and uncoils, typically by turning a rotating handle or crank, eventually breaking through the blocking material and completing drain cleaning in Mountain Brook, AL.

The Advantages of a Professional

Although it may be a reasonable task to try clearing a drain yourself with a plumbing snake, some clogs are especially stubborn and won’t budge. In this case, a professional drain cleaning company in Mountain Brook, AL will have the experience and professional equipment to perform the job. 

At Plumbing Professionals, we offer drain snaking in Mountain Brook, AL to break up the most difficult clogs. Rest assured that we can deliver prompt solutions in an efficient manner.

Rely on a Plumbing Solutions Expert

If a drain is stopped up and refuses to clear, no matter the trouble to fix it, our professional and trained plumber in Mountain Brook, AL will be able to have things back to normal. We’re committed to serving homes in the local area according to transparent pricing. Call Plumbing Professionals at (205) 341-9408 or visit our site at PlumbingProfessionals.net to clear stubborn drains today.

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