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Toilet Backups And What To Do About It

A toilet is used frequently on any given day, making it an essential part of your bathroom plumbing. Unfortunately, this traffic opens it up to a host of issues. When your toilet becomes severely clogged, it leads to a backup and results in worse problems down the road.

Especially when it happens overnight, you’ll want to find out what to do when your toilet begins backing up. Plumbing Professionals can help you when it happens during regular business hours. Nonetheless, when dealing with a plumbing emergency of this magnitude, you need to remedy it right away. Let a plumber in Birmingham, AL, and nearby areas from our team walk you through the process.

Understanding Toilet Backups

When you are faced with a severe clogging issue, you can expect that no water moves freely to and from the toilet bowl. Once this happens, the toilet will start backing up behind the clog. There are even situations wherein these backups can force the toilet water to back up into the bathtub or a sink. Take note that this water is filled with all sorts of bacteria. Once this happens, your entire household will be exposed to dangerous levels of dirty water and pose serious health risks.

A few reasons that can explain why your toilets keep backing up are:

  • Not enough water in the tank
  • A clogged drain line
  • A clogged main line
  • There is a stuck object

At the first sign of trouble involving a severe clog that can lead to a toilet backup, reach out to Plumbing Professionals. We offer an array of general plumbing services in Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding areas.

Why DIY Repairs Do Not Help

If your toilet should begin to back up overnight, we never recommend waiting until morning to contact us, as toilet backups can become a bigger issue in just a short period. Still, DIY repairs are no alternative to professional plumbing repairs from Plumbing Professionals. What we can advise is for you to turn off your main water supply. There are also times when a blocked vent pipe will cause toilet water to back up. Try checking your vent pipe. If you find any blockages or debris further down the pipe, spray some water in it.

Nevertheless, it pays to consult Plumbing Professionals to provide the plumbing services that you need. Our plumbing company can provide you with drain snaking and other solutions, so it is imperative that you get in touch with us.

Schedule an Appointment

Contact us today here at Plumbing Professionals and let a plumber in Birmingham, AL, provide you with the right solution for your toilet backup needs. Call us or fill out the form to get started.

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