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Many people have gone to the store and bought drain cleaning products because they are convenient and reliable. Few people think about the consequences that might ensue from using these products instead of contacting us for drain cleaning services in Mountain Brooks, AL. The Plumbing Professionals team explains why these items can be dangerous.

The Chemicals Can Affect the Water Supply

The chemicals in store-bought drain cleaners can harm the water supply. Releasing chemicals that are designed to break down organic material is neither good for us or the environment. What we put in our water supply ends up in our drinking water as well as local lakes or the ocean. Rely on a plumber in Mountain Brooks, AL, instead of addressing the issue.

These Chemicals Can Harm the Pipes

The caustic chemicals inside drain cleaners can harm our pipes in such a way that replacement might eventually be necessary. These chemicals release heat as they work to break up the clog. Work with Plumbing Professionals to fix the clogged drain in Mountain Brook, AL, and you can be sure that we will not damage the pipes.

They May Not Even Work

Sometimes the clogs in homes are caused by sewage backup. Liquid drain cleaners will not be effective in such a case as they do not reach far enough or have the power to reach the location. Professional drain snaking in Mountain Brook, AL, may be effective for this problem. We can perform a consultation to find out the solution that’s going to work for your home.

Contact Plumbing Professionals

We are a trusted drain cleaning company in Mountain Brook, AL. Our customers receive quick service that’s done carefully. Our expertise comes with recommendations that solve the issue.

Plumbing Professionals takes pride in being the trusted name for drain cleaning in Mountain Brook, AL. Contact us today to enjoy clog-free drains once more.

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