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The pipes and drains in your plumbing system go through a lot. From daily use of toilets, showers and sinks, it’s important to keep your system well maintained to prevent issues from happening. However, sometimes issues are inevitable. When they do arise, it’s important to address them quickly before they get too out of hand and cause disruptions to your schedule, budget, and daily life.

Early Signs of Plumbing Problems 

When something is wrong with your plumbing system, there’s almost always signs. Early signs include pipes rattling and making noises, an increase in your water bill, slowly draining sinks and showers, a toilet that seemingly never stops running, low water pressure and unexplained wet spots. If you have any of these issues, your plumbing most likely needs to be repaired. At Plumbing Professionals, we’re backed by years of experience and can help you determine any issues that need to be addressed.

What Could the Issue Be the Issue within Your Birmingham, AL Pipes? 

 Once you’ve identified the signs, what could your issue be? For slowly draining sinks and showers, your system probably needs cleaning and clearing of clogs and blockages. If you have unexplained wet spots a rising water bill or mild flooding, you probably have a leak somewhere that needs repair. Bad smells and water pressure often signal something stuck in the pipe.

When You Experience Plumbing Emergencies 

At Plumbing Professionals, we understand major plumbing issues and disasters never happen when it’s convenient. If a clog of blockage goes unattended for too long, it could cause a backup in your system. Leaks that go unattended can cause major flooding if they get big enough. Whether it’s a burst pipe or a middle of the night explosion, Plumbing Professionals is here to help.

Work with Plumbing Professionals in Hoover, Birmingham, and the Surrounding Areas 

When plumbing issues arise, we’re here to help with exceptional customer service and a wide range of services. Catching the warning signs early can save you time and money in extensive repairs down the line. To learn more about our team and the services we provide, reach out to a member of our team at Plumbing Professionals today.

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