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The Trusted Residential and Commercial Plumber in Birmingham, AL

Get the peace of mind you deserve by calling on a trusted and skilled local plumber in Birmingham, AL, from Plumbing Professionals for residential or commercial plumbing needs. We’re proud to be a well-respected full-service residential and commercial plumbing company that’s been providing reliable plumbing services throughout the Birmingham area since 2007. Whether you need water heater repair, basic plumbing repairs, emergency plumbing service, or drain cleaning, we’re ready to get the job done promptly, affordably, and correctly.

Our Complete Range of Services

The team at Plumbing Professionals has extensive experience with a wide range of plumbing needs, from emergency plumbing solutions to large-scale residential and commercial plumbing projects. We’re committed to providing exceptional service while also offering convenient scheduling options when any of the following plumbing services are needed:

Rely on Plumbing Professionals

Keep in mind that DIY plumbing has the potential to contribute to more expenses and headaches if mistakes are made and details are overlooked. With drain cleaning, for instance, we use techniques that most homeowners or business owners aren’t able to take advantage of easily. Our trained team also knows how to spot potential plumbing issues at a time when they can be corrected with only minor repairs or replacements.

You’ll also definitely appreciate not going the DIY route if you are planning plumbing updates or dealing with leaks or clogs that don’t have an obvious source. What’s more, professional plumbing that’s done right often saves you money in the end.

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One of our goals with the services we provide at Plumbing Professionals is to help our customers minimize unexpected repair needs. We do this by working with homeowners and business owners like you to develop sensible maintenance schedules. Contact our full-service plumbing company today or use our online form to schedule an appointment in Birmingham, AL, or the surrounding areas.

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What You Can Expect

Reviews From Happy Customers

Excellent service. Knowledgeable. Responded quickly. Customer service focused. Price was well
worth the service. Solved all my (plumbing) problems. I won’t use a different company at this point. Huge relief for me.

Carrie Ann Betcher

Couldn’t be happier with the service received from Plumbing Professionals. Price was lower than others had quoted and service was second to none. Patrick was very professional and went above and beyond to ensure our issues were resolved. The communication was upfront and constant both from the plumber and office personal.

Jameson Colbert

Ron with Plumbing Professionals did a fantastic job. He was very knowledgeable, thorough in checking my dishwasher, sink & garbage disposal. He even assisted me in outlining the best next steps to take.
I highly recommend Ron & Plumbing Professionals!

Marie Goldweber

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