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Any plumbing system will experience issues from time to time. It is only a matter of time before it clogs, leaks, or needs repairs. While it may seem like a good idea to try to fix some of these problems yourself, you will save time and money by working with a plumber in Birmingham, AL from Plumbing Professionals instead. We list some common plumbing mistakes you should avoid below.

Overusing Drain Cleaners

This is a common mistake made by many homeowners. Whenever a drain clogs or backs up, their first reaction is to pour chemical drain cleaners down the sink. Unfortunately, these cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes and harm your health. If plungers can’t solve the problem, seek plumbing services instead to avoid worsening the problem.

Taking Apart the Faucet

Faucets often drip, but you need to resist the urge to take it apart yourself. Faucets look simple, but they contain many small parts that are easy to lose. You could also get the faucet apart only to realize you don’t know how to reassemble it. Whenever you face any problem with your faucet and other fixtures, it’s always wise to get professional plumbing repairs.

Overtightening Connections

It seems like tightening all plumbing connections with force would stop leaks, but it will only do more harm than good. Any time a coupling, elbow, or galvanized pipe is overtightened, it can crack. When this happens, it can cause leaks or even result in an emergency plumbing situation. Allow our trained experts to take care of your plumbing needs instead.

When you find yourself dealing with a plumbing problem, Plumbing Professionals can help. We are a full-service plumbing company that can tackle these jobs quickly and easily. Simply contact us to book an appointment, and one of our skilled technicians will come to your home to identify, diagnose, and fix the issue.

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