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Your water heater is probably the second most expensive utility expense you have. In fact, depending on the size of your family, it might cost more than running your furnace or air conditioner. If you recently had a water heater replacement in Mountain Brook, AL, it’s important to maintain your unit’s efficiency for as long as possible. Plumbing Professionals shares the three factors that can affect your unit’s performance and efficiency today:


Leaky pipes don’t only happen under the kitchen or bathroom sink. Pipes around your water heater can also leak. Keep in mind that even the smallest of leaks can waste gallons of water and cause your water heater to malfunction. Without proper maintenance, you may find yourself needing water heater repair in Mountain Brook, AL more often.

Poor Insulation

Your pipes aren’t the one thing that needs insulation. Without proper insulation, your water heater would need to use more energy than necessary to raise the water’s temperature to your desired level. Get in touch with a professional that offers water heater services in Mountain Brook, AL for help in insulating your water heater and pipes.

Water Temperature

Water heaters have a thermostat built into it, which alerts the water heater how much heating water needs when in use. The hotter the water, the harder your water heater will work. Using hot water more often requires more power and may cause your water heater to work less efficiently. If your water heater is having difficulties in heating water to your preferred temperature, it may be time for a new water heater installation in Mountain Brook, AL. 

You can boost your water heater’s overall efficiency by dialing back the thermostat. Doing so extends the longevity of your water heater and reduces power consumption as well. Scheduling water heater services in Mountain Brook, AL can help you avoid using too much hot water and even help you conserve energy.

We also offer installation services for a tankless water heater in Mountain Brook, AL. Compared with traditional units, tankless heaters are more energy-efficient and only heat water when needed. Plus, they are less susceptible to mineral build-up and other issues commonly associated with water heater tanks.

If you need a reliable plumber in Mountain Brook, AL for water heater services, contact Plumbing Professionals today. We will diagnose and repair any plumbing issues you’re having and help you learn more ways to extend the life of your water heater.

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