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Emergency Plumbing Services Near You

If you’re looking into emergency plumbing services, you’re going to have to find a plumber in Birmingham, AL, who can be available at any time of the day or night. Plumbing emergencies usually pop up at the least opportune times. This could be anytime from the middle of the night to just as you’re about to throw a party at your home.

An emergency plumber is a plumbing company in Birmingham, AL, that can respond to and fix any issue that puts your home’s plumbing system and your home at risk. The following are key times that you should look into hiring an emergency plumber.

You smell gas coming from your gas stove.

Plumbers certified with gas training are able to install and inspect gas stoves. Reach out to your emergency plumber as well as your gas company if you smell gas coming from the stove. It may be something as simple as a dimmed pilot light or as serious as a leak. Don’t try to fix the issue yourself. Gas can be very dangerous and cause a lot of destruction if not handled properly.

You’re experiencing flooding in your home.

If certain areas of your home are flooding and there’s no obvious cause, call your plumber immediately. There may be a serious issue with your pipes that only a licensed professional can take care of. A plumber can come out to your home and find the source of the flooding. The plumber can then drain the area and set about finding a fix.

You have unexplained leaks in different parts of your home.

If you’re experiencing unexplained leaks in different parts of your house, there’s clearly an issue going on behind the walls or in the pipes. Call a plumber so that they can take a look behind the walls and see if there are broken or burst pipes. Sewer issues are often the cause of leaks as well, so your plumber will be able to do some further digging and find out the cause.

Your yard is accumulating a series of pools.

If you notice that water is accumulating in different parts of your yard, you could be dealing with pipes that are broken underground. The water from the broken pipes rises to the surface, flooding the area and creating shallow pools. Your plumber will be able to come out and take a look at the water and find out where the excess water is coming from.

Your sewer needs repairing.

Some sewer repair can be done over time if it’s caught early enough. Some sewer repair needs to be dealt with immediately due to emergency conditions. Call your plumber if you see signs like your yard being flooded or pipe ruptures that are threatening to disrupt your home’s foundation. Reach out to a plumber so that you can find out if you need plumbing repairs like excavation or trenchless sewer repair.

Your toilets are overflowing.

If your toilets or other areas of your home are overflowing, you need to contact an emergency plumber right away. Trying to fix overflows yourself can lead to further damage or incomplete fixes.

Reach out to Plumbing Professionals if you need help with emergency plumbing services or any other type of plumbing services.

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