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Everyone has bad habits, there’s no getting around that. However, some people’s habits are far worse when compared to others, especially when it comes to plumbing. While most bad habits are considered irritating, having bad plumbing habits can be costly.

If you’re wondering what bad plumbing habits you may be committing, you’ve come to the right place. Plumbing Professionals shares how your habits could ruin your plumbing and how professional drain cleaning services in Hoover, AL can help.

Treating Your Toilet as an Extra Garbage Bin

Whether it’s intentional or not, you should never use your toilet as a way to throw out trash. It is solely meant to get rid of waste along with toilet paper. You may think that using a toilet to throw away things like cotton pads and paper towels is beneficial, but you’d be wrong. In fact, these products are not meant to be put in the toilet.

Even if the product label has something along the lines of “flushable,” the only other thing that should go in a toilet is toilet paper. Products such as cotton pads, paper towels and tampons can cause a blockage, which then requires the expertise of a drain cleaning company in Hoover, AL.

Using Too Much Cleaner

Sometimes, drain cleaners can help fix a clogged drain in Hoover, AL. Although we commend you for keeping your drain clean, you should never abuse this method. Overuse of drain cleaner can cause pipe corrosion and eventually destroy your plumbing.

The chemicals of a drain cleaner are formulated to eat away at whatever is causing the blockage. In many situations, it’s best to forego the cleaner and have a plumber who specializes in drain snaking in Hoover, AL to clear out the clog.

Ignoring Small Leaks

This one is honestly the most dangerous of the bad habits. Whenever you see a leak, no matter how small, contact a plumber in Hoover, AL right away. Leaks are clear indications of a

plumbing issue and can go from bad to worse quickly.

In addition to needing drain cleaning in Hoover, AL, you would need to restore your home’s walls as they will likely be water damaged. Since plumbing is often located behind interior walls in your home, like in the bathroom or kitchen, ignoring a leak is never a good idea.

When it comes to your plumbing, you can never be too careful. Breaking bad plumbing habits is no different than other types of habits. All it takes is a little effort and mindfulness. If you’d like more information about breaking bad plumbing habits, get in touch with Plumbing Professionals today.

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