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Whether it happens in the bathroom or the kitchen, a clogged drain can cause a lot of inconveniences. Although you may get tempted to try DIY solutions to address the problem when plungers can’t do the trick, Plumbing Professionals recommends calling an expert to do the job instead. Avoid these mistakes when cleaning your drains.

Using Chemical Cleaners

Although chemical drain cleaners are advertised as effective solutions for blocked drains, they hardly work. These chemicals break down debris by producing heat, which can warp your pipes. To protect your pipes from untimely wear and tear, always contact our team for professional drain cleaning services.

Neglecting Routine Maintenance

Your drains need regular maintenance and drain cleaning in Birmingham, AL, to function efficiently. Otherwise, underlying problems will pile up and eventually cause a plumbing emergency.

Using Clothing Hangers

Using a clothing hanger to dislodge a clog is a costly mistake you can make with your drains. A coat hanger cannot reach obstructions deep in the plumbing system. It can also cause more problems if it gets stuck inside the pipe or pushes the obstruction even further. Drain snaking performed by an expert is the best option.

Relying on a Garden Hose

Most homeowners believe that the water pressure of a garden hose will unclog drains and flush foreign objects out of their pipes. However, you will only waste your time and water. Always leave all your plumbing issues in the hands of a professional plumber in Birmingham, AL. We can quickly identify what’s causing the blockage and recommend the right and quick solution to the issue.

Pouring Grease and Oil Down the Drain

Most homeowners make the mistake of disposing of oil, fat, and grease down the kitchen sink. When grease hardens, it forms a clog that will eventually impede water flow. This may leave you with a huge mess that needs hydro jetting services.

Taking care of your drains plays an integral role in keeping your plumbing system structurally sound. When in need of a reputable and reliable drain cleaning company, count on Plumbing Professionals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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