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If you’re looking to improve your home, the Plumbing Professionals team recommends installing a tankless water heater in Hoover, AL. It holds many advantages over a traditional water heater. Let’s take a closer look at five things about tankless water heaters.

  • No Tank Needed

A tankless water heater is designed with either a gas burner or an electric element. This means a storage tank is unnecessary. As cold water flows through a pipe, it’s heated to the appropriate temperature. Your household will enjoy a constant supply of hot water. A plumber in Hoover, AL, from our team, can help set your thermostat in advance.

  • Designed to Save Energy

Many homeowners love the energy-savings of a tankless water heater. Unlike a traditional water heater, a tankless unit doesn’t run constantly. It only kicks into operation when you need hot water. Some tankless systems are up to 40 percent more efficient. After tankless water heater installation in Hoover, AL, expect to see a noticeable decrease in your monthly utility bills.

  • Parts Are Easy to Replace

According to professional water heater services in Hoover, AL, the lifespan of a tankless unit can be more than 20 years. This is far longer than a traditional water heater. Parts are also easier to replace on a tankless water heater.

  • Built-In Safety Devices

A tankless water heater replacement in Hoover, AL is engineered with several built-in safety devices. If the unit starts to overheat, a sensor will automatically shut it down. You’ll appreciate the extra peace of mind.

  • Much Smaller

There’s no overlooking the smaller size of a tankless water heater. Its compact design frees up a lot of extra space. Homeowners won’t have to worry about dealing with a cumbersome tank. Most units easily mount onto the wall.

If you need water heater repair in Hoover, AL, contact the experts at Plumbing Professionals. Call our team today or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment for your traditional or tankless water heater concerns.

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