What Causes Sediment Buildup

Holiday Plumbing Maintenance

Sediment buildup affects all storage tank water heaters, and property owners who ignore the issue eventually encounter problems. While sediment buildup usually only requires water heater repair in Birmingham, AL, severe buildup is a more serious problem. Plumbing Professionals discusses the top causes of buildup and how you can prevent it below: Main Causes of…

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Why Drain Snaking Remains an Effective Option

Woman Cleaning Clogged Sink Pipe

When you have a stubborn clogged drain that won’t come loose, your first course of action is often to use a drain snake. A drain snake is a flexible cable with a barbed or hooked end that is threaded down a drain until it reaches the clog. The cable and the barbed ends can tear…

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Understanding Water Filtration

Filtered Water

It may not immediately cross your mind to contact a plumber in Birmingham, AL from Plumbing Professionals about water filtration, however, this is a step to consider if you have concerns about the quality or taste of your water. One way we address such concerns is with a water filtration system. Below, we give you…

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