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Archive for November 2019

Plumbing Pipe Materials in Older Birmingham Homes and Their Drawbacks

The older residential sections of Birmingham have unmatched charm. With modern architecture dominating the home scene, older homes have gained a cachet among homebuyers. Many buyers envision remodeling an old home to keep its charm but also to personalize it. One of the most important parts of remodeling an older home is its plumbing. Homes…

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Advantages of Hiring a Reputable Birmingham, AL, Drain Cleaner

A lot of debris, including hair, food, mineral deposits, soap scum, and even cosmetics, accumulates in your drains and pipes over time, which can sometimes clog them. This is when you need to call a reputable drain cleaner or plumbing contractor to unclog your drain. With that in mind, here are some key benefits this…

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